Spi armor

SPI Resembles EVA and Pilot because of the round globe like helmet

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SPI armor could not utilize shields.It was not water proof like the mjolnir mk v.Wasnt reliable in vacum based warfare.


One main advantage is that SPI was able to be mass produced because of no shields unlike earlier spartan mjolnirs had to be tethered to a power supply.It was highly used because it was also capable of wielding active camo modules.SPI armor the main armor used by spartan IIIs it resembles pilot and EVA because of its round visor the armor itself can not utilize shields so no full out protection against large explosions.Although SPI can be mass produced because it doesnt utilize shields.SPI has a bad reputation especially after the incident of Kurt 051 Kurt decided to use SPI so he wouldnt look superior to the other spartan IIIs.SPI is very reliable though the wearer doesn't need alot of augmentation unlike spartan II's